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Monday, January 17, 2011

Today is my anniversary. It's been quite a ride. We have had our good times, and also our fair share of bad times. But I choose to focus on the good, which has far exceeded the bad. When I look back on all the years we have been together I remember all the trips we have done. We bought a travel trailer 6 months after we were married and used it for about 12 years. We used to take 2 week trips with 3 kids and a least one of my little brothers. what was I thinking????? But really it was fun. We always went with my husband parents, or other family members. We cooked almost every meal outside. Now that our family has grown we still go camping, but this time it's in a 32 ft motorhome. Now we take our kids and grandkids. It's still fun! Here's to many more years of fun Jerry. Happy Anniversary.

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